Gossip & Uchtdorf's Hammer

About once a year since we moved into this ward, some form of gossip has risen up to smack me. Hard.  Whether it's concern over one of my children's difficulty with reading and the concerned party asking if they should "call someone"*, rumors that we don't have enough to eat**, or now stories circulating about the state of my testimony or crazy assertions that I believe women should hold the priesthood***.

I do my very best to not be a scary person.  To be kind and friendly.  To treat others well.  To either inquire further about things I don't understand in an open-hearted manner, or keep my thoughts strictly to myself.

I will continue to bear testimony of Christ. To do all I can to follow His teachings, to live His gospel, to love and serve others and care for my own. I will continue to attend my meetings. To fill callings.  And all of this as I feel directed by Jesus Christ himself through His Spirit.

Please, return the favor.

*My child does not have trouble with reading due to homeschooling--I homeschool, among other reasons, BECAUSE that child has trouble with reading.  And please--don't ever even open the idea of calling authorities if a homeschooling family's children don't seem to be up to your standards in some way.  You have no idea of the nature of the meat grinder that is the protective services of the state.  The Homeschool Legal Defense Association exists for a reason, folks.  And it regularly defends a LOT of blameless families who were presumed guilty, and had to be proven innocent.

**Helloooo . . . where on EARTH did that come from? Has anyone ever SEEN my pantry? Yeah. 'Nough said. lol

*** No. I believe God gave men the priesthood for a reason. Simply put, to give them added responsibility to nurture and care for others.  To insist that they turn their minds and hearts to others more and more.  Because they NEEDED that to help perfect them.  The priesthood is authority to act, in the name of God himself, for the benefit of others in specific ways outlined in scripture.  The only somewhat unusual-for-today belief I hold is that the Priesthood only sets men apart from women in that it confers administrative responsibility in the church and authority to perform Priesthood ordinances. (This was commonly accepted in the early church, both in Christ's time and in the early days of the Restoration.)  Anything detailed as a spiritual gift in the scriptures, even if it is currently and culturally believed to be the domain of the priesthood, is fair game for both sexes.

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