Why Pants???

1) Because it's perfectly fine to do so.  The church PR guy told the media:
"Attending church is about worship and learning to be followers of Jesus Christ. Generally church members are encouraged to wear their best clothing as a sign of respect for the Savior, but we don’t counsel people beyond that."  
The "requirement" for women to wear skirts to church is strictly cultural.  A "tradition of our fathers", to borrow a familiar phrase.  If you look back into the history of it, skirts are still around because the Romans eschewed pants as vulgar and low-class.  The story is much longer than that, but that's enough for this post.  Right now, at this point in my life, I prefer pants.  They're more modest, and more comfortable.  I've always loved skirts, and I'll wear them again.  But I absolutely reserve the right to wear a skirt on each leg whenever I take the notion. ;o)

2) Wearing pants to church has become an outreach.  Not a protest.  It's of a kind with the young men shaving their heads when their friend & quorum member Cody went into chemo.  Both times.  Those young men still administered the Sacrament, and participated fully in the church.  Their demonstration of love for their friend was something that, in other circumstances, would have been frowned upon as an act of rebellion, and directly against the For the Strength of Youth guideline about extremes in dress and appearance.  They weren't protesting cancer, or the state of the medical system.  They weren't rebelling.  They weren't losing their testimonies, or becoming activists for some shocking cause.  They were showing their willingness to take some piece of Cody's agony as their own.  A small piece, but it was something that they actually could take upon themselves.  That's why.

Our church isn't perfect.  Because there are many, many women in our church that are treated poorly--in lots of ways.  There are women in this world, followers of our faith, whose husbands beat them. Whose cultures devalue them. There are women in our own (hopefully more enlightened) country who are dismissed because they don't fall into the neatly-defined "normal" of the American mainstream.  Whose husbands and brothers and fathers and leaders still dismiss them because they are female.  Despite the teachings of our church otherwise.  The destructive culture of male supremacy is strong, and it's not beaten yet.  And the devil himself is going to do all he can to keep it thriving.


PLEASE: read both of these posts.  They're not long.  It'll take a little over five minutes, tops.  But they explain--clearly and respectfully--the second reason I sometimes wear pants to church.

The Worst Thing Is Pants

The Worst Thing Is Pants, Part II


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ≠ The Cleavers.

We are a cohort of mortal, flawed, struggling people who need to love each other despite our differences of opinion.  We MUST stop speculating, assuming why someone does something, and then sharing those speculations as truth in the form of gossip.

If you "hear" someone believes something . . . even (and especially) if it sounds surprising, go ask that person.  (Oh, this third-person stuff is dumb.  I'm talking about myself, here!) If you hear something about me (like I support a crazy-out-there-wild cause or belief), please come talk to me.  Odds are, it's not true.  And if it is . . . it sounds crazy because the person telling you has an imperfect understanding of what I believe, and absolutely no understanding of why.  Golden example: pants at church.

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