Friday, August 24, 2012

Four-legged friend: Day One

Well, today we added another member to the family.  Meet Muttsy.  (Name changed to protect the innocent. ;o)

She came to us from friends in our ward who are moving.  It took Vern and I a while to decide to bring Muttsy home with us, and I'm so glad that we could.  She's a quick learner, responds very well to gentle training, and has a great deal of self-control.  She knows I don't want her to run ahead of me on the stairs, so if she can't bring herself to go up slowly with me (which is hard when you're a short-legged doggy type), she'll wait for me to get to the landing before following up that far, and then wait for me to get to the top before she comes up after me.  If she gets ahead of herself, it only takes one gentle and firm "No" to remind her.  She does like to lick the kids' faces when they're in range, HJ's the most.  That's tomorrow's training point--no licking the baby. lol

Near as I can tell, she's got some Bassett Hound and Schnauzer blood, and I don't know what else.    Her front legs bow so cute-like, as a Bassett's do, and her coloring is black & silver like a Schauzer's.  Our friend told us Muttsy's coat will get pretty long if it's let go, and she has little tufts of hair on her toes that I think are hilarious. :o)  She's adorable, though.  These photos don't do her any kind of justice.  (What can I say?  I just had my phone, and it was a busy day, getting her settled in, and assuring her place in the "pack".)

She's already claimed the bed I placed upstairs for her, choosing it over the people beds that were easily accessible to her.  She stays very well when told to . . . I just need to keep the kids from using her name or looking at her during dinner. lol  But she went back when I told her to, and waited patiently to clean up the floor until I told her she could get up.

She's also proven to be patient with the kids.  None of my kids have really bothered her much, as far as I can tell . . . but the girls have taken to using her as a pillow whenever they can get away with it. ;o)  This little furry friend is also really good for me.  I've been outside far more today than I have in months . . . and have made more trips up and down the stairs, as well.  I also plan to get much more serious about walking every day, since Muttsy needs it.  (Pack animals cover ground . . . every day. It's instinct, and when satisfied, makes for a much happier pet.)  

I really love the little furball already, and I want to make sure she's well taken care of.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, to see what it brings. :o)

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