Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a day, what a Dad.

I'm so blessed.  This morning, with Vern home (early meetings were cancelled for Father's Day), he chose a position of gratitude and love when faced with needing to make breakfast for everyone and arrive at church a few minutes late with only half of the family.  Only two of the Primary-aged children will be there to sing with the Primary "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home", and this morning was filled with the perfume of solid waste and scrambled eggs.  Instead of showering, dressing myself & the children, and all arriving together shined and tidy at the meetinghouse, I spent my morning cleaning up a kitten with a severe constipation problem (you don't want the details), and hunting for clean underwear for the kids.  We ran out of hot water (after Vern had his shower, thankfully), and the litter box needed emptying something fierce.  And all through this, my husband made breakfast, stayed calm, and took care of whatever else he could before taking three of the children to church with him.

Things aren't always this insane, and we don't always handle them as well as we all did this morning.  (It was so strange--despite the craziness, everyone stayed pretty darn happy.)  I just feel so blessed.  Despite the fact that I'm sitting here, unshowered, eating kippered snacks out of the can for breakfast, missing the renewing of my baptismal covenants and the spiritual refreshing and strengthening that comes from participating in my meetings, and knowing that there are still a number of ox-in-the-mire tasks that must be done in the next hour, a spirit of calm rests in my heart, and my blessings stack up to the sky.  Our family is led by a man who works hard.  Who continually stretches and strives to better himself, and improve our family's situation.  Who loves us with all of his heart, and flowers, and furry and feathered things, and trees and mountains and forest air and the stars.  Who has grown in love and knowledge of the Lord, in dedicated service to Him.

Vern and Scott Jurek, one of his ultra-runner heroes.

Snapped halfway through his 50K near the top of a hill called Chin Scraper.

Planting my birthday tree the day after my birthday this year.

With his good friend, Dough Fluckiger (local artist and photographer).

Holding HJ, at just a few days old.

On top of the world, in the Selkirks.

Thank you, Vern, for everything.

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