Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Please forgive the lousy photography.  Right now you get what White Lightning the trusty iPhone can give.
 My room has the potential to be slightly less chaotic, after a few minute's concerted effort.
 The kittens are making themselves at home.
 The kitchen continues apace.  I need to put in the sink tomorrow {giddy yelp}, and start finishing the counters directly after that.  Oh, the thought of having a nice, big, deep, KITCHEN sink to wash up in . . . to not have to stand outside the bathroom door with egg on my hands until whoever is in there finishes up . . . it's going to be simply mind-blowing.  Oh, and the batteries on our 11-year-old Dewalt cordless drill decided to die on us yesterday.  Right as I was trying to start drilling for handles, et al.  {anguished cry}  I have the properly-sized bit, the templates for drilling holes, the 3/4" machine screws for mounting (the bin pulls always come with screws at least 1/4" too long for some reason), and everything.  I just have no drill.  And the money to replace those batteries (or the drill--it almost makes more sense to buy a new drill with batteries to match the impact driver); but either way, it's $$$. Le sigh.  Soon, soon.  For now, the painter's tape isn't soooo bad.  (Well, it is, but I'll deal.)
 The garden also continues apace.  (Alas, neither of these apaces feel all that brisk.)  Vern finished the deer net fence today, and there's a makeshift door of rope & a large stick until he can frame a simple door tomorrow.  Here's to the deer NOT figuring out how to get through it and to my veggies patiently waiting, still in pots, inside the fence.  Hmmmm.  I think I'll go lean something big, scary-looking, and with smaller-than-deer-sized-holes against the "door".
Very at home . . . "MOM!  There's a KITTEN on your DRESSER!"

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Lexi said...

What an adventure! I hear energy in your sigh. I am so allergic to cats I can't even hold my friends baby who keeps cats in the house without me spending two days wanting to itch my eyes out! They are so cute--glad you don't have allergies so you get to enjoy them!