Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Carriage House: naughty pine and heavy metal.

Office floor:

Knotty pine, clear coated and waiting for install.

More knotty pine . . .

The fire pit built entirely by Chip & the Anderman.  It's awesome, isn't it? :o)

A little "table" & stool near the fire pit.

Bedroom ceiling:  Hooray! It's in, and it's beautiful!

Bathroom ceiling:

Kitchen & stove nook:

Kitchen ceiling peak and living room ceiling:

Rear view of a truss cabinet box (the white bit is a gap that was later pieced closed):

And here, we have the meeting of the truss cabinet and our very own heavy metal band: EcoBatt and the Gussets of Death.

Lest you think I jest, meet a couple of the Gussets:

Yeah.  Heavy-metal-Evil, they are.  Truss cabs to the rescue!  Cue the Mighty Mouse jingle: "HERE I come to save the DAY!!!!!!

More to come .  . . we've made a lot of progress since these pics!

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