Saturday, May 19, 2012

Carriage House: Finish work continues.

The boys' fire pit in use.  (Turkey dog roast, complete with salad, fruit, and homemade cookies.)

The scariest wiring job in the place. lol It all fit nicely into the box, but it definitely took some careful planning (and a photo to remind me which wire was which after I stripped the labeled insulation off).

The threshold into the master bedroom.  Kelley (our friend) did a TREMENDOUS job on this.  I'm so, so, SO pleased with how it came out.  Smooth, beautifully joined (he used the tongues & grooves already on the pieces, starting at the securely nailed threshold, and working his way across the kitchen & living room, only cutting the last piece that butts up against the wall.

My hardworking site foreman. :o)  He was just barely out of bed on this day, and he wore himself out.  Does that floor just smack you upside the head with how pretty it is?  You should see it in person . . .

I knew there would be a LOT of wood in the CH (Carriage House), and I'm so glad I chose blue for the walls, and white for the trim.  (The truss cabinet doors will be white, as will the generous baseboard, crown trim, and kitchen cabinets.  There won't end up being a whole lot of blue visible, since the kitchen cabs and built-ins on the gable walls will cover up a lot of it, but I still think it's going to be lovely.  This show really shows how dirty the floor was while they worked on it. It cleaned up beautifully, though.

Meanwhile, things in the forest are coming back to life . . .

I used to know what all of these are . . . I can't wait to see them matured, so I can reacquaint myself with their names.

Last week I spent a LOT of time finishing the doors.  Below you can see one with it's preliminary coat of sanding sealer (sealer than can be sanded), and one without.  The sealer and polycrylic did a great job of bringing out the grain and color in the wood.  All told, though, next time I'll save my pennies and by solid walnut doors.  These are really pretty, but they're really fragile.  I'm wondering how well they'll hold up to six children, and how long it will be before I need to paint them with the same white enamel as the trim. ;o)  Until then, I'll enjoy seeing the beautiful walnut grain.

Henry has been getting into plenty of mischief, as well.  The other day someone left a cup of smoothie close to the edge of the table, and he appeared at my desk while I worked on something for the house looking like this:

It was a job getting him cleaned up, as well as the table, chair, floor, and carpet.  (The steam cleaner worked like a charm.)

Here, we have Vern and the Anderman, standing triumphant in front of the first set of shelves in the garage.  I'll never forget Vern looking at me and saying: "For almost twelve years, we've been drawing house plans that have shelves all along the walls of the garage . . . and look! We have shelves!" Such a neat moment.  And the Anderman worked alongside Vern for hours, stepping up to help when he saw a need, and sticking it out to the very end.

While I was there, the Bear made himself useful, as well . . . and this is only a small portion of the sawdust . . .

Chip has kept himself busy . . .

And, as of yesterday, WE HAVE WATER PRESSURE!!!!!! YEAH!


Lexi said...

We are so excited for you! I hope we get to see it "in person" before too long!Looking awesome.

SMDStudio said...

That floor is gorgeous! I really love it. I am so excited for you guys. Things look like they're coming along beautifully.