Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thankful that . . .

(This is an old draft from Thanksgiving 2011, languishing for want of photos. So, I spruced it up, and am going to post it now.)

Thankful that . . . 

  • I can afford the luxury of fatigue.  And that I have family members to help make dinner when it hits.
  • I live in a country whose problem is a surfeit of necessities.
  • everywhere I have lived, when I turn the faucet on, clean & clear water flows out of it . . . even hot, if I so desire.
  • I have never known deep, chronic hunger.
  • I live in a jeweled mountain valley, the hollow of God's own hand.
  • I can smell turkey in the oven (maddening fragrance, that), a gift from loving friends who raised & butchered it for us as a surprise.
  • our age provides such wide access to information.  Books like End Malaria, blogs like the Domino Project and Ana White, Homemaker, far and wide distribution of the teachings of modern-day prophets, and endless opportunities for education . . . real, wide, deep, as-far-as-you-want-to-take-it education.
  • the sun shines on all of us, to remind us that God's love sheds itself abroad over all of His children . . . no matter what they have done, or think of themselves . . . and that the gift of His Righteous Son's Atonement offers cleansing and holiness to all who will come unto Him.
  • we once again have work (hooray!); and more than Vern can do alone.  Profound gratitude doesn't even touch how we feel.
I'm especially grateful for finished drywall in the carriage house! woot!

Most of all, I'm thankful for these people I got to be in a picture with:

And for my parents . . . and friends . . . and the people I love and who love me.

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Lexi said...

Gorgeous! What a handsome family! Mom will be so excited! She loves family pictures--by the way, one of ours will be on its way to you shortly. Christopher's "smolder" is great!