Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cancer is a Fungus

Many people don't know much about fungus.  It can make us sick, even kill us, if we ingest its byproducts.  It gets into our nails and skin, causing althlete's foot, nail fungus, psoriasis, and ringworm.

Over the last few years, I've learned that fungus eats just about anything.  Possibly the most adaptable organism on earth, it can change such that anti-fungal drugs only work for a short time; fungi learn from the fungi that are dying (or have died), adapting so fast that drugs don't work for long.  It's a vital component in composting, and in breaking down chemicals.  It's involved in creating the gasses believed by many to cause SIDS, because it breaks down the chemicals used as fire retardants in American mattresses.  Fungus breaks down the herbicides and pesticides used on crops.  Wherever toxicity is, fungus likes to come in and perform its primary duty--breaking down harmful substances into other compounds which can be further broken down until they're no longer harmful.  In the soil, as part of the magical dance that is a healthy soil micro-ecosystem, this is perfect.  The byproducts of fungal action are further broken down and can finally be ready to be used by plants and creatures to build life.

But, when fungus makes its way out of the soil and into other places, such as the human body, things get dicey.

The following videos are an interview with a Dr. Simoncini, an Italian oncologist.  He speaks best for himself, so here are two of my favorite quotes, one from each of the videos.  His English is only functional; I didn't made any corrections.

"The histologic examination is a complete stupidity, because it shows just the defense reaction. But we don't care to know how the body defends itself. We have to know what is inside the cancer. Cancer is like a solid abcess; so, we have to see what is inside the abcess. "Tumor", "cancer" are formal descriptions. They don't say anything."

And: "It's not dangerous. There is a remote possibility of infection, but there is the life on the other hand. . . . Breast & bladder cancer, with the sodium bicarbonate, can heal, 99%, without surgery, without chemotherapy, without radiotherapy, and leave the organs there. Softly, softly, you can remove the cancer just with local infiltration, or ureter catheterization.  So, it's very simple. It's harmless. . . . I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU DON'T TRY." -- Dr. Simoncini

Please, take the time to watch these.  Dr. Simoncini has a powerful point: his treatment is not harmful in any way . . . so why don't we try?

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