Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Hooray!" or "Help!?!"

So, this morning our landlord, who has been the best one ever, honestly, came and (gently as he could) gave us notice that the owner wants to list the house June 1st.  Now, some might think a freak-out session is in order . . . but I'm excited.

"Huh?" you say?

Yep.  I'm excited.  I had set a mental goal of being in the Carriage House by my birthday (not long after June 1st), so this just gives us a hard deadline, and makes sure that we get this baby done-zo.

So, where are we at with the Carriage House?  Here's the run-down:

All the rough-in is done, and drywall is all ready, waiting for paint.

(Sorry, no photos of the textured drywall yet.)

We have flooring, waiting patiently at Home Depot for the roads to melt so we can GET to the CH to deliver it.  We bought some "special buy" solid hickory hardwood, prefinished.  It's in random lengths, but so amazingly pretty.  We even have a friend who has volunteered to lend us his flooring nailer.  I can hardly wait!  (Vern and I hope to get the flooring laid in a full day or two of tight teamwork.  We'll see.)

We have doors, patiently waiting behind the love seat in my living room.  Lovely two-panel, walnut veneer composite doors.  One prehung for the bedroom, and one slab for the bath's pocket door.

I have the kitchen all planned out at Ikea.  (I reserve the right to tweak and modify . . . I've been thinking over a couple changes--like finding a way to add an oven somehow.  Hmmmm.)

The paint colors are swatched on some canvas panels, and have been waiting patiently for the roads to open up.  Once I see the color in situ, we'll be ready to roll, I think.  It's a light blue, very much like the blue in the rendering above.

I'm currently working on an eight-week plan, trying to figure out how to make some progress on this every day--even if I can't get out there.  Arranging plowing and an outhouse rental are Monday's tasks.

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