Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something I didn't know . . .

I just learned from a gluten-sensitive friend the physiological workings behind the anxiety and depression that can come with gluten exposure.  In susceptible individuals, gluten crosses the blood-brain barrier, and blocks the serotonin receptors.


A depressant drug in every bite.

This, then, makes me wonder if other people I know with diagnosed anxiety disorders could have their symptoms completely disappear if they would cut this scourge of modern frankenwheat out of their diets.  I know it sure does the trick for me . . . I'm so glad to be free of the anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors, and depression.  Yes, it takes some work to go gluten-free, but the benefits stand so tall, it's hard to even count the cost.

I think I need to make up a list, or even menu, of naturally gluten-free meals so those interested in trying gluten-free for a while don't have to go out and buy a bunch of expensive and different things.  I haven't yet found anything like this online, so we'll see.  Anyone interested?

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Christina Moran said...

Hey Annalea,

Saw this post, do you know of the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome? It's all about this and more. How schizophrenia, depression, dyslexia, add, adhd, autism are all caused by food/brain interactions. Sad to think of all the homeless schizophrenics that could be cured with diet.