Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm sewing! Look at me! I sew!

(Name the movie. :o)

So, last week little Miss Daisy had a birthday party to attend.  Together, we made the gift, a fun little project that took longer than I thought . . . but aren't all first tries that way? ;o)  I've long wanted to upcycle a pair of blingy jeans into a bag.  Here are the results:

Not too bad, eh?  A little slouchy, but it's supposed to be a fun, casual kind of thing.

I had the dickens of a time getting those letters to stick . . . until I realized that the shiny backs weren't, in fact, glue, but waxed paper protecting the glue.  Doh.  After that, the letters obligingly stuck themselves on in less than a minute.

Here you can see the lining Daisy chose for the bag, and the serendipitous ribbon detail along the top.  The fat quarter for the lining was about 1/2" too short to make it all the way down one side, across the bottom, and up the other.  So, I measured off a piece of ribbon, sewed it all along the top of the lining, and was tremendously pleased to find out that I could then topstitch the lining all along the top of the waistband, without any turning & handstitching at the end.  Hooray!

Managing to attach the ribbon along behind and over the snap wasn't the easiest, either.  I think next time I'll actually put the ribbon ends on either side of the fly and leave them unattached to one another so the fly can be opened and closed (you know, 'cause it'd be a feature, and little girls love features, lol), and it would mean one less seam.  The strap (which took up ALL of the rest of the ribbon--more serendipity, I tell you) is stitched with a standard x-in-box pattern to the inside of the bag, which was then covered with the ribbon-topped lining.  (You can barely see the strap stitching showing underneath the "belt".  Don't ask how many tries it took me to get a bow that. dang. cute.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it again.

Fingers crossed that I can, though.  One of the first things out of the recipient's older sister's mouth when I picked Daisy up was "Could you make meeee one of those bags for myyyy birthday, pleeeeeasssssse?"  lol  I think I'm going to be making a whole lot of these bags in the future . . .

 *I doubt I'll ever do a tutorial on these.  There are a zillion bag tutorials out there, and this one just starts you off a little faster with a finished outside, complete with lots of nifty pockets. :o)


SMDStudio said...

Totally cute, Annalea! I love it! I swear you would think that ribbon along the top was planned. It looks so much cuter than just the lining. I just might have to try this little bag out. And don't you love how things turn out, I mean with thread or ribbon or fabric running out at just the right length? I always think of it as a Tender Mercy; the Lord smiling down on my sewing efforts.

SMDStudio said...

Yea! I can publish comments on yo0ur blog at last!!!!

Thimbleanna said...

What a super CUTE bag Annalea! You got the best compliment of all - someone wants another one!