Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drywall . . . done!

Yesterday, as the light faded, I loaded up all of the crew (Chip, Violet, Anderman, Daisy, Bear, and HJ) amidst great grumbling and sparking spats, and drove out to see my completed drywall.  The moon had risen and the sun fully set with the last of daylight sinking deep into the western mountains when we pulled up.  I grabbed my beloved headlamp, left the kids listening to one of my favorite books of all time (do go see it--I <3 me some Walter R. Brooks!), and tromped over the pitted, crusty snow and sogging ground (it's amazing how much sun heat a white house-wrapped wall can reflect onto dark & frozen earth, which shortly isn't so frozen anymore), and let myself in for the first time with my brand-spanking-new key.

The headlamp isn't all that great on illuminating really large areas, as the very center of the light is decidedly blue, with a warmer halo around it, but I was able to see that the drywall guys did a really great job.  Just what I wanted . . . a moderately light coat of mud, skimmed on with very little variation; just enough to make you think of plaster walls and old houses.  It's a little more texture than I would have done, myself, but I believe I like it better this way.  (I think I would have erred on the side of too little variation, and it wouldn't have looked this good.  Thanks, Chad & crew!)

The moon hung low over our forest to the east, with a companion planet shining close by.  Not sure who it was (Mars? Jupiter?), as Venus still glittered in the west.  Despite my best efforts, the camera card remained full, and I didn't free any card space while there, in case I had deleted photos from my hard drive instead of the camera card, after transferring the photos to the hard drive.  No worries--nothing was lost that we'd already taken (including ALL of the shots of the plumbing/electrical rough-in; important stuff!), and I'll never forget the moon above the trees.  Maybe I'll paint or draw it some day.  So lovely.

So, that's a lot of words, and not much to see . . . but I've had a hard time today staying away from da' interwebz, looking for lighting and how to best hang a knotty pine tongue & groove ceiling, and if the Home Despots happen to have pendant lighting kits and schoolhouse-style shades . . . you get the idea.

Let me see if I can scrounge a pretty moon photo for you . . . nope.  But this one is nearly as good.  Bring on the season (despite my utter unpreparedness)!

(Well, maybe not quite nearly.  Just squint a little, and you can kinda sorta feel the magic of a glowing tree in a cozy, dimly lit room. ;o)

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