Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Which school was that again?

"The bargain (take kids out of work so we can teach them to become better factory workers) has set us on a race to the bottom. Some argue we ought to become the cheaper, easier country for sourcing cheap, compliant workers who do what they're told. We will lose that race whether we win it or not. The bottom is not a good place to be, even if you're capable of getting there."   -- Seth Godin

Which then begs the question: if traditional schooling is all about creating factory workers, then why, oh why on this good green earth, do so many of us homeschoolers do our darndest to replicate that system at home?

Go read his post.   It'll take about 90 seconds.  He's not a homeschool guy . . . just one of top business minds of our time.  And if you have a few more minutes on your hands, go watch Professor Ken Robinson's talk on education.  It'll change the way you see children.  Forever.

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