Saturday, May 14, 2011

About that Mother's Day . . .

What I Did Differently This Year

Mother's Day has been something of a minefield for me.  Some years are nice . . . and some have been very difficult.  As a newbie mom, I was crushed by a speaker at church (well meaning, but who sent the message: it doesn't matter whether or not you try or what your results are: all mothers are wonderful!), and later I've been weighed down by unrealistic expectations for our time & situation, etc.

But not this time.

I decided, a few days before, as I watched the same old anticipations and worries begin to rear their heads, wondering if anything would be done to celebrate the holiday, or if it would be like a lot of others: lost in the chaos of daily life.  As I felt myself begin to get a little worked up about it, I stopped.  I cleared my mind for a moment, and decided a very quiet, rather pivotal thing:

This year, I would celebrate Mother's Day.  

With gratitude.

I took Mother's Day for my own.  A quiet decision, made in the silence of my own heart . . . but it literally transformed my day.  Mother's Day was a joyous one for me: I chose to take the entire day to be thankful for my opportunity to sink or swim in motherhood, to thank my Redeemer over and over for the opportunity to try to take care of these six hoodlums over there in the sidebar, and their Dad.  Every time I saw one of my children, I chose to nurture gratitude in my heart, until it overflowed.

"Thou shalt athank the Lord thy God in all things. . . . And in nothing doth man aoffend God, or against none is hisbwrath ckindled, save those who dconfess not his hand in all things . . ." 

I get the feeling I should wield gratitude's formidable power a little more often.

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Marianne@Songbird said...

Ok, I just read this one so mother's day has come and gone. But I am sure that this special way of celebrating mothersday and motherhood is one that applies to every day!
Lovely post, even better sentiment.
Have a great week.