Thursday, March 3, 2011

Resolution and Resuscitation

So, I've been reading a lot of home makeover blog posts.  Blogs like Funky Junk Interiors, Shanty2Chic, The Stories of A to Z, Primitive and Proper, Songbird, and the Nesting Place (see the sidebar for a full list of design/crafty blogs I love) have all got me thinking about how to best to feather the carriage house nest.  Since this winter has been much wetter (and colder!!!) than last year, not much has happened since the snow first fell, as we simply haven't had the funds to keep the road plowed.  $100 a pop was just out of our budget.  So, we've gotten to do a lot of reading and dreaming and scheming the last few months.

Yesterday, I managed to get out for a quick errand downtown while my parents played with the children at home.  On the way home, I stopped by the local Habitat for Humanities ReStore, and was amazed at all of the really good stuff they've got there.  My area is small town rural, and the thrift stores usually don't have much of anything in them (like really--not much at all); I somehow expected the ReStore to have inventory of a similar stripe.  I was so glad to be wrong!

Walking around the main part of the showroom, I saw bathroom vanity tops ranging from one very nice gray stone one, complete with undermount porcelain sink and backsplash to a rockin' 70's harvest gold cultured marble (complete with metallic gold swirling).  I need to be sure to take my real camera with me next time, as that baby needs documenting. ;o)  Toilets of many colors and ages (Kohler one piece to a tiny manufactured home commode), shower doors, lamps, chandeliers, hardware, hinges, tile, some flooring . . . Oops. I digress, don't I?  Long story short, we could get nearly everything we need from the ReStore.  There are a few things that, for safety reasons, we'll need to buy new; but there are a great number of others that will be perfect.

On my way out yesterday, I bought a self-closing hinge (for only $3.50! I just looked up the price online new, and I saved $10. Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off of the keyboard and delete those random characters . . . ).  As I was standing at the register, I saw this cute little chandelier hanging waaaaaay up on the wall.   I whipped out my phone and snapped a quick shot:

The warehouse ceilings are about 18', and this bracket was at about 14.

The white hobnail shades are what caught my eye, kind of flirty and sweet.  The chandy itself was shiny brass (so not what I'm doing in the carriage house), but there are plenty of ways to address that.  I went home thinking about that little fixture, and told various and sundry family members about it.  I don't think I repeated myself much.  It only took about 30 minutes for me to decide it was meant to hang in the carriage house.  That little light even appeared in my dreams.

This morning I took the little children with me (leaving the older ones to do something quiet while their dad worked) back to the ReStore to bring that little number home with me.  We braved skating rink ice in the parking lot and nippy cold air to get there shortly after they opened . . . I didn't want anyone snagging it before me!  When we walked in the door, a quick glance up and off to my left, and saw . . .


There was also an amazingly hideous lamp just begging for me to bring her home . . . pink with gold accents and paint drizzles, with a woven shade complete with a metallic silver accent and chunky yarn embroidery.  Finish aside, I could see some serious potential in that baby.  So, $31.70 and a short drive home later, I bring you the ReStore fashion show "before" photos.

First, the sweet little chandelier:

See?  Didn't I tell you she was sweet?  I might play around with her configuration a bit, but mostly I'm really pleased with her overall design.  Another gratuitous shot for ya:

And then, we have madame le lamp:

Hideous, I tell you.  That pink and gold . . . that shade . . . goodness gracious, me-oh-my.  I couldn't help myself, and pulled the shade cover off as soon as I had taken the above pics.  It looks better already!

These fantastic raw materials are currently disassembled, and awaiting their makeover appointments.  I'm thinking the chandy will become a swag lamp that we can use in this rental, and then direct-wire in the carriage house.  The lamp needs a good, sturdy table, as it's pretty darn heavy.  I bought it for this place, since it was built in true mid-80's style, and none of the living spaces have lighting in the ceiling.  (Kitchen & dining do, but not the living room . . . )

I'll bet'cha just can't wait until I get these babies spruced up, eh?  Neither can I! :o)

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