Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Still There!

Today, Vern and I went on a date.  Yep.  A real, live, date.  (We could hardly believe it.)  While my sainted mother stayed at our place with all six children, we took off for the woods to go visit our forlorn building site.  I wanted to see it, to prove to myself that it was still there, and to scheme and dream with the man I love most in the world about how we'll take the next steps in the project, and when we'll live there.

As we trudged through the crusty, deep snow, (taking frequent short rests for my pathetic physical condition), we finally got to the corner of the shared road, and could see our little place off in the distance.

Homeward, ho!

As we drew closer, I had to take another picture.  It's such a cute little building, and I really have missed it.  We had such a flurry of activity, and then when the snow started (and with Vern still out of work), keeping the road open just wasn't possible.  So, our little house patiently waited.

Now, with a contract pending (which is a tremendous blessing, and don't we know it!), we can see a time ahead when we'll have something to put towards finishing this baby.  And so, for family and friends alike, here's a little tour. ;o)

In the photo above, you can see the "man door" into the shop at the back of the garage.  As you come in the door, this is what you see of the shop.

The area to the right of the stairs will be walled off into a small office for Vern, and a slightly lowered ceiling will provide lumber storage between the true ceiling and the office ceiling.  Once the office in the farmhouse is finished functional, the office wall that separates it from the shop will be removed (the wall along the stairs will stay, I think), and that will become more shop space.

Looking through the doorway framed into the wall on the right in the above photo, you can see into the garage proper.  There's our garage door (I love the lights--they make it so much nicer in there!), and the great concrete job.  This is where the lion's share of the belongings that make the cut will reside during our stay here.  Shelving will go in along the side walls and the wall shared with the shop.  A very few of our belongings will be upstairs, and the rest will have gone on to new homes or their final resting place.

Here you can see the other end of the shop, with the man door on the left (complete with decorative Vern), the door to the garage on the right, and one of our five downstairs windows.  (Two are in the garage proper, and two more in the office.)  Vern wants to keep the shop heated and keep the piano down here, but I'm currently enamored of the idea of leasing it out (essentially someone paying us to store it, in a safe, temperature-controlled environment).

Here's the view peeking up over the floor as I came up the stairs into the apartment.  I'm looking through the bathroom and into the kitchen.

Looking to my right from that same vantage point, you can see the kids' room/rooms.  We may or may not put a dividing wall down the middle to make two rooms.  It's under discussion, believe me.  I'm still not really sure what I would prefer . . . dividing the children up a bit, or essentially having a bunk room.  Except without bunks.  Or much room.  (The children will have thin foam beds to roll out, and minimal, but definitely sufficiently warm, bedding.)  The next photo is taken standing in front of the window on the left, above.

Looking across the structure, you can see the tub/shower where the bathroom will be (and in nearly its final position), the stairwell to the left of that, the kitchen nook to the far right, and the living area/master bedroom at the other end of the space.  The next photo is taken standing between the two windows in the photo above.

Looking back at the childrens' room/s.  The wood stove will go against the bathroom wall, and I'm scheming over how to get a short peninsula counter for the kitchen against that left-hand short wall.

These are a view of the eave cabinets in the living room.  The outside spaces will be accessible from the cabinets just in from them, so the four center spaces will have doors, and the two outside ones won't.  This frees up room on the ends so we can build in a window seat/cabinet/bookcase on the gable end walls, and have nightstands or small tables on either side of the murphy bed that will be mounted on the living room side of the end bathroom wall.  (Against the wall that the tub/shower will back up against.)

And lastly, another view of my little kitchen.  I'm so excited to make this space functional, comfortable, beautiful, inviting, and fun.  Finishing it with finds from the ReStore will be an adventure, and bringing to life the concepts and feelings I already have swirling in my head promises a lot of work and excitement.

Here's to a place of our own. :o)


Lexi said...

Ah... I can not imagine my little ones in such a space... I would go insane, because I cherish MY SPACE and a few moments to myself... so, I will enjoy hearing about your adventure, and be ever grateful, it is not me... We are loving our fourth bedroom and extra place for the baby in the master closet... "take luck!" But, honestly, I am excited for you and that you are so excited. I am also so glad you got a DATE!

Marianne@Songbird said...

Oh what a possibilities! I love that picture from outside, that house looks so beautiful an romantic in that big outdoors.
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