Friday, March 11, 2011

Gitter Done!: New Drawer Pulls

Welcome to the latest Gitter Done!!!

Sooooo . . . I've had these pulls for about three years.  We bought them for a kitchen in a rental, but I never did install them.  I've been playing with the idea of putting them on my bedroom set for a couple years, and I'm done!  Woo-hoo!

Here's a before shot, giving you an idea of what I've been using since Vern bought me this set just before we were married.

In 1998, this was my dream furniture.  Classic lines, good proportions, a little molding detail, and a richly colored finish.  My only beef was that those pretty Chippendale pulls made a whole lotta noise.  I know their rhythm more than by heart--I think it's now a permanent part of my genetic makeup.  And if there was a baby sleeping in the room, watch out.  I quickly gained mad stealth skillz with those banging handles.

So, once we got a little settled here and my own nesting instinct kicked in hard (about six weeks before HJ was born), pulled out my beloved DeWalt drill and other sundry tools & supplies, and replaced the pulls on the big dresser, living in the girls' room:

The plugs I bought were too big for the old holes, so they're still au naturel for now.  (Nevermind that it has been six and a half months.  I'll take care of them on a future Gitter Done! party.)

Next up was the highboy dresser the two older boys are using (MrC and the Anderman).  That one was easy-peasy . . . no drilling required.  I just took out the old pulls and put knobs all the way down the front, choosing holes that progressed outward.  (It's a darkish day today, and this is in a dark corner of their room, so please excuse the uber-dark shot.)

You can see in the photo that I used the inside holes on the first two drawers, and then the outside holes on the last four.  I really like it.  (Again, the holes are unfilled, but once I find some 1/4" hardwood plugs, I'll be all over it.)

And lastly, my nightstand.  The pulls aren't exactly straight (I was impatient, and tired, and just wanted to Gitter Done . . . not go to the garage and make a jig), but I'm using the Nester's mantra: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  (And I think I nearly believe it.  But, once I find those plugs, I think I'll glue some in and try again . . . ;o)

I think, of all of the pieces on which I replaced hardware, my little nightstand is my favorite.  Isn't she darling?

Someday I might paint this set . . . I'm not sure.  I really love the finish, and for now, it's a major component in the master bedroom color scheme.  This rental is So. White. . . . and a lot of my master bedroom decor is white, too (notice the lamp and darling Fog & Thistle paper art?).  So, they're not headed for the paint queue quite yet.

And lastly, I'll leave you with some fun eye candy of this awesome hardware:

What did you Gitter Done! this week?

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Marianne@Songbird said...

That's great and rather funny. Cause guess what I was doing yesterday evening while waiting for my pc to start: changing hardware on my writing desk. Or rather figuring out a way to attach some hardware to the key holes. My little desk has three drawers without pulls, but with key holes. Probably there used to be some really big keys in there that you could use to pull the drawers open, but they were missing since before I got this desk. So I always manhandled the drawers open from underneath. Just yesterday I had enough and put some handles on them, using the keyholes. Two work perfectly now, the third one will need a little more attention.
Great on you to get this Gitter Done! Doesn't it feel great to have little nuisances like this taken care off.