Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gitter Done!: Laundry Room

Well, the time has come 'round again for the Gitter Done roundup, and I'm so happy to participate again. I've got my laundry nook (in the dining room, no less), to share today.

This space has LONG been the bane of the kitchen.  Messy, catch-all, dirty laundry piled on the floor and clean on top of the dryer, new dryer inner door waiting for installation, ad infinitum, I tried to ignore this space as much as possible.  It had bi-fold doors that seriously impinged on our ability to walk around the table, but were a real pain to close (due to the aforementioned mess).  A serious downer, I tell you.

Then, one day, I decided to get serious about enjoying, if not fully loving, my space.  So, the doors came off.  (If my landlord is reading this, never fear.  They're safely stowed in the garage.)  That left me with this:

Yikes.  I know.

Surprisingly enough, it didn't take long at all to get the chaos cleaned up.  (At least from the laundry nook.  I still have that box of craft paints and a couple of other small things for which to find homes.)  The only thing that took me until the next day was hanging the curtains.  They're not perfect, but it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

And here's what I'm working with now: (Please forgive the darkish photos.  It's raining, still, and I can't wait until it's sunny to post this for fear I'll miss this weekend's Gitter Done link-up.)

Tres better, no? ;o)  I had the panels in my curtains box (what? you don't have a curtains box? You're missing out.), and just had to go to the garage and bonus room to collect the various pieces of the curtain rod.  I've had that rod since Vern and I were first married.  Its first install was in the master bedroom of Vern's condo (he owned it before I owned him, so I call it "his" ;o), then in the nursery when we brought MrC home from the hospital.  It has been installed in many of the rentals we've lived in, and I'm glad to be able to use it again.

Here's another, full-length glamour shot, 'cause I know you can't get enough of my new and improved space. ;o)

What you can't see is even revamped and improved.  On the left (which I didn't photograph, since it's still very utilitarian) is hung the plastic bag dispenser and there's a metal wastebasket tucked behind the white drawers for dishcloths and the random laundry bits that find their way downstairs, like those dirty socks that leapt off of my daughter's feet and crawled beneath the couch under their own power.

On the right we have my method for keeping the Bear's socks under control.  He doesn't often take them off on his own, so I can grab them and toss them in here.  They're laundered in that sweater bag, so (get this) the number of his socks that come out of the laundry is the same as the number of socks I put IN the laundry!  Pretty nifty, no?  It works great for HJ's socks, too.  (I can hardly believe he's four months old already!)

Now you see me . . . now you don't!  I love it.  The curtains really soften and gentle the space.  With the white walls, white tile, and white bi-fold doors, it was cold, hard, and sloppy.  (The doors are nearly as old as the house, and they gaped and hung a little crooked.)

I know I don't have a wide angle full-room "before", but here's the "after".  The wall still needs some furnishing, and the table really needs refinishing (I want to go black--still trying to get Vern on board), but this is really lovely to me. :o)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!!!


Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Great idea to not have to deal with stubborn doors and the curtain looks much prettier. I like tackling organizing projects like that because things are so much easier to find and use once done. We took all the horrible cheap builder slider doors off our bedroom closets (our home is only 12 years old) because they kept getting stuck. We plan to put up curtains until we get around to framing and installing real doors.

If hubby needs inspiration to paint the table set, I did a few posts on a kitchen set (refinished table top and everything else black.) Fairly painless and I love the results.

Annalea said...

Thanks, Elizabeth (for both the compliment and inspiration). I'm off to check it out!

Marianne@Songbird said...

Yeah much better. The curtains are a nice touch. When closed they make you wonder what is behind them, adds a little mystery to the room.
You have been on a role woman with all your Gittering Done! I am proud of you.