Monday, February 7, 2011

On Days Like Today . . .

it's only a thorough and solid understanding of the state of the public schools around me that keeps me from calling the office and saying "Sign me up, baby."

Not enough rooms for all the napping kids means often naptimes are late, interrupted, or non-existent.

Not enough elbow room (and no place for the older children to keep their things out of reach) means that everyone is at everyone else's throats much of the time, on days like today.

I honestly have no idea why some days are like this, and others go pretty well.  Some days, everyone is whining, crying, grouching and snapping at each other to the point where I heartily wish I could just send them all to their rooms.  Except the boys' "room" is  one end of the bonus room, a public space.  And the girls' room is where the Bear naps.  And HJ naps wherever I think I can stash him that's the quietest for the hoped duration of his nap.  (Which NEVER works, as nobody can remember for more than about 15 seconds that there's a baby sleeping, people!

Which means I'm stuck with tired, grouchy, whining children, pretty much all the time.  And this mama just doesn't have it in her to stem that kind of tide.  Everything's a mess, nobody is happy, and no matter what I try to do, there are at least two children whining at me that I'm not doing something for them right. that. second.

Would someone please remind me why I do this, again?  I'm having trouble remembering today . . .


Birrd said...

I spent a long time today daydreaming about private school next fall. Bean in 4th, Fish in 2nd, Roo in Kindergarten, and only me and Rabbit and Peanut at home all day. WHAT WOULD THAT BE LIKE????

Lexi said...

Me + 3... there must be an opposition in all things (that's what I read today) and at the end of the day when they are all asleep... there is almost always something worth smiling about. Why do we do this the hard way? Because it is worth it. I'll tell you and you keep telling me and we'll eventually get there.
I'm sure you do this, but I use TWO white noise makers when Cade is napping and that really helps... Thanks for sending the package! Hope tomorrow is better!

Annalea said...

Thanks, you two.

@Birrd: I've often dreamt of sending one or two of mine to the Waldorf school here in town . . . but then I'm reminded (often forcibly) that it's more than just who the teachers are, or the teaching method they use. It's about children being warehoused and institutionalized (no matter how sweetly-spoken the wardens), about the cruel things children do to children when they're lumped 30-of-an-age together, and being away from their parents all day long (no matter how lovely that might sound to said parents on a given day).

@Lexi: Thanks. :o) So, if you could just blog more often about days like today in your life, then I'd have more chances to return the favor. ;o) Right now HJ's white noise is a box fan in my room . . . and when the kids venture up to play in the bonus room, they may as well be standing right by his sleepy little head. Sigh. Gotta work on the concept of "quiet time", and getting ALL three youngest ones down for a nap simultaneously. That's the only way to make sure that HJ gets at least one, good, long nap in a day. Someday, I won't live in a rental, whose layout and acoustics are beyond my control. (No, someday I'll live in a sardine can . . . but at least it'll be my own, and I chose it! ;o)

Oh, and guess how many of the kids are still awake . . . . ? Yep. All of them. (At least they're in their beds, and will hopefully drop off soon . . . I gave up and put on the Pirates of Penzance when I realized the beans I had cooking for dinner wouldn't be done until 90 minutes AFTER dinnertime. We had popcorn, some crazy-spicy-uber-extended-soup-stuff MrC experimented with today, and blueberry ice cream (made with coconut milk). Odd, but very yummy. Oh, and the beans were done about midway through the movie. Anti-climactic, to be sure. Yummy, though.

K, gotta go write an email, and get myself of to bed . . .