Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gitter Done!

So, under Songbird Marianne's influence, I've jumped into the Gitter Done! pool with both feet. And, while my projects look pretty pathetic by comparison to the beauty many other bloggers wirk in their homes (living in a rental and absolutely no disposable income provide some strict boundaries), if I had taken "before" photos, you'd be shocked and amazed. But, as the prospect of before photos was just too shocking, even for me, you just get the results of my labors.

First, le closet:

This beauty has an 18" door, an actual width of about 36", and is eight feet deep. I think it was an afterthought . . . or, at best, storage came second to the supremely-ill-arranged master bath and the apparent need of the original owner to have direct access to the plumbing in the two baths that flank this closet, as witnessed by the cut & screwed drywall panels studding the walls. (The master bath shares the left wall; the hall bath, the right.) Even though this isn't beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, all of Vern's clothes now fit, along with the things I need to hang, and all of our shoes. I keep my folded things in a dresser just outside of the closet, which brings me to my next Gitter Done! endeavor, the top of said dresser:

This surface has been a blazing hot sopt for the entire time we've lived here. It's where the contents of my pockets were dumped at the end of the day, where the kids would stash random things they found, etc. You couldn't see the glass top for all of the legos, change, safety pins, bandaids, hair elastics and bobbi pins.  I still need to do something with the plate hiding behind the clock, and find a way to mount said clock on the wall (it has a silent movement, so it gets to stay in the bedroom for now), and hang the earring rack on the wall as well. For now, though, the shininess of newly-dusted glass and wood is enough for me. :o)

And next up, the stuff I took out of the closet and from the top of the dresser . . .

Sigh. There's a lot of it . . . which will make great fodder for another Gitter Done! post. ;o)

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Marianne@Songbird said...

He you got it done! And that is the most important part. Now you go and find a home (outside your home?) for all the stuff that is left. You already have the before picture, now make sure you'll have an after too in two weeks :-)
Have a wondeful weekend and enjoy the feeling of Gitter Done!

Annalea said...

Yes, most of that is destined for greener pastures beyond my fence line. :o)

Today was more Gitter Done . . . haircuts for half the kids, finished washing the sofa slipcovers, and putting the finishomg touches on my Valentine's Day vignettes. It feels great. :o)