Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Bookcase Gitter Done!

Welcome to another installment of Gitter Done!

While this might LOOK like a mantle vignette, it is, in actuality, a big-time Gitter Done project.  But have no fear, I won't put anything else I do with the bookcase top under Gitter Done again . . . ;o)

This is how my bookcase has looked for more than a year.  Well, the spindles were a fairly recent addition, but you get the idea.  Blech. Blah. No color to speak of. (And the yellow project bag doesn't count! lol)

So, I decided that since it was February, I should spruce things up a bit.  I hunted through the bonus room for my box of pretties that used to live on the mantle and bookcase, to see what I could find.  And boy, did I ever find. :o)  I found a lamp I love, two sweet little porcelain heirlooms from my grandmother (a little dove trinket box and a tiny flowery vase), little angels from my mother, and more.

I shopped the house to pull together some fun things to support my pink theme (pink books, a temple painting from the ledge I built, and the little statuette I gave Vern for Father's Day last year) . . . and voila! I got something else done to beautify my nest!!!

Thanks again, Marianne, for starting this.  It has made a big difference in my home . . . there are so many little projects that I won't ever post to Gitter Done, but I might blog them and send you a link someday. :o)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Marianne@Songbird said...

You are welcome! And you can link all of those projects up to Gitter Done! That's what it is there for. Your cabinet looks so much better now, really a huge improvement. Love that little statue of the bride and groom!
Good on you for finishing another Gitter Done! succesfully.